Our role in the Anthropocene

What exactly does Anthropocene mean?

Anthropocene is an unofficial geological time period describing the time we live in now. Anthropocene changes everything, for everyone, everywhere. The time we live in forces us to ask ourselves completely new questions about how to achieve sustainable development and create welfare for everyone within the planetary boundaries. 

In short, you might say that our Anthropocene strategy can be summed up by the following three ambitions: sustainable & healthyopen & inclusive, and value-driven & long-term. Collectively, these ambitions cover key environmental and social issues in terms of our assortment of products and our service offering, our role in society and in the lives of our customers, as well as how we take our own organisation into the future. 

Our theory of change – The journey has begun. 

The sustainability perspective must permeate our business model and be fully integrated in all our operations for us to succeed in the Anthropocene. Meeting the challenge ahead of us, in society at large as well as in our company, will require transformation. Therefore, we look for business opportunities beyond “break-even sustainability” where we can make a real difference – for the planet, for society, and for our company. We will be part of the solution.

Our transformation journey has begun. We lean on science to better understand our role in the Anthropocene, trying out new ideas, and investing in innovation for the future. To succeed we will deepen our collaboration with franchisees and suppliers, and build completely new types of partnerships.

Over the years, the key to our success has been that we have dared sticking our necks out when needed, and that we always have put our customers’ needs first. We will keep this up, as there is no bigger need right now than building a sustainable future, together.