How do we – you and I – want to be remembered?

Our business and our future depend on us being relevant to our customers

Relevant in a world that is changing at a furious pace, where we are stretching the limits for what our planet and what humanity can take, and where technology is developing exponentially. In a world where our values and expectations are changing just as quickly as everything around us. 

The young generations of today are urging the world’s companies and leaders to listen to the science . We need to find a business model that creates success by providing added value to our environment and our society within the planetary boundaries. We need to be brave and use all our resources effectively. That’s how we’ll stay relevant and lead the way to tomorrow’s convenience.

In addition to our pursuit of continuous improvement and continually raising the bar, we work quickly, boldly, and innovatively to implement our Anthropocene strategy. We do this for example,  through PBX – our living lab.